Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New direction

Ok, now I'm confident enough to say it aloud: I'm flying to Panama before the end of April. So what is this all about and what does this mean?
Well I got some email back in December from a captain in Caribbean and who had seen my "introduction" video on YouTube. So he asked me if I wanted to come and join his crew and boats in Caribbean? Soon after I learned more about what they were doing there I got very interested. I realized that this is going to be ones in a lifetime opportunity!
Last few months I've been basically making preparations and waiting for the right moment to book my flights to Panama. So what am I gonna do there? Well the captain runs a high school for students who want a change from traditional high school experience and an opportunity to learn life skills like sailing and camping. I've been working as a school photographer for 8 years and made about 100,000 individual kids to smile and laugh with me, so I'm really waiting for to share my knowledge with them.
My brother gave me a map of Caribbean
for a Christmas present ;)
But what about my original plan and boat? Well if everything goes fine(and why shouldn't it?)this means that my initial plans are put to hold. How long? Well I've been given an opportunity to learn a lot more about sailing and bigger boats and a possibility to adapt my dream of sailing around the world with them. In that case I think I'm gonna sell my boat here in Finland.
But will I ever do the "zero fuel" solo circumnavigating? I'm not sure. Time will tell. But if I will, then I know a whole lot more about sailing, boats and the seas and probably have a different approach to my plans, which is gonna make them bigger and better :)
I'll continue making videos and posts to share my adventures in Caribbean and beyond so even though this is a side path from where I started, it's still gonna take me towards my dreams of seeing the world and making a difference.
Stay tuned for more...

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