Saturday, March 7, 2015

New start

This is the first post of many to follow. This is the first step towards a path that has no signs. I only know that I have to go - now.
About a year ago I dived in the sea and told my plans to the world. Many things has happened since. Things that I couldn't even dream of. But at first there was nothing - those things that I wished didn't come. I waited. I waited for a miracle without doing enough for it. Then I stopped and did something. I loaned money and got the cheapest boat that could do the trick. I forgot the icy swim and took the wheel back to my hands. After that things started to escalate.
I got offers to join other boats and people who were inspired by my plans. Then came the challenge to decide what path to take when they all seemed to go in the same direction but also in the same time. I chanced my mind many times until I understood that there isn't a right or wrong way to do it - only different ways.
I'm gonna end this first post in a cliff hanger. There is something big in a horizon for me, but I don't want to tell more until it happens in real time... ;)
Enjoying the hottest summer in Finland with an autopilot :D

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