Friday, June 26, 2015

Back to the Plan A

I came to Florida for an adventure. And I got one. But it was not all that I hoped. So I'm flying back to Finland today.
I spent over 7 weeks here, but cos the troubles with the 27ft sailboat we couldn't sail more than 3 weeks and only got to Keys on our mission to get her to Panama. Last 3 weeks I just hung around on a marina in Marathon FL and thought that there's still time to do stuff with my own boat back in Finland. I used my time waiting here to research improvements and new add-on's for my boat and got really excited again to continue my original plans.
First thing that I'm gonna do once I get to Finland is start building a new outboard motor. Last year I was looking into buying the Torqeedo 2.0 Cruise 2kw motor, but cos I like the idea of using also the propeller for generating electricity, I now have something different in my mind... something that I'm not sure anybody have tried before ;)
Last night in Marathon FL
I learned a lot on this trip. I regret nothing. Even though things didn't work out here the way I wanted. I met a whole bunch of great, funny and friendly people. I got to see the culture of US. But the biggest thing that I got was my confidence and certainty towards my own plan - to go around with only the energy that I get from sun, wind and water :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Down south to Key West

So we started sailing from Clearwaters Tampa. The purpose of the trip is to transfer the little Columbia 27ft sailing boat to Panama. We left about 2 weeks ago and been making a slow progress fixing some problems on our way. There was no schedule or hurry so we've enjoyed the ride and take it easy. But once we got to Key West our engine wasn't responding anymore to our attempts to recover it.. Now we are trying to get the boat to marina in Marathon to get the engine fixed.

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