Friday, June 26, 2015

Back to the Plan A

I came to Florida for an adventure. And I got one. But it was not all that I hoped. So I'm flying back to Finland today.
I spent over 7 weeks here, but cos the troubles with the 27ft sailboat we couldn't sail more than 3 weeks and only got to Keys on our mission to get her to Panama. Last 3 weeks I just hung around on a marina in Marathon FL and thought that there's still time to do stuff with my own boat back in Finland. I used my time waiting here to research improvements and new add-on's for my boat and got really excited again to continue my original plans.
First thing that I'm gonna do once I get to Finland is start building a new outboard motor. Last year I was looking into buying the Torqeedo 2.0 Cruise 2kw motor, but cos I like the idea of using also the propeller for generating electricity, I now have something different in my mind... something that I'm not sure anybody have tried before ;)
Last night in Marathon FL
I learned a lot on this trip. I regret nothing. Even though things didn't work out here the way I wanted. I met a whole bunch of great, funny and friendly people. I got to see the culture of US. But the biggest thing that I got was my confidence and certainty towards my own plan - to go around with only the energy that I get from sun, wind and water :)

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