Sunday, June 12, 2016

The heat is on.. :-/

The last 5 months I've been telling to people, that I'm gonna start my sailing trip to Canary Islands in the beginning of June. That would give me 2 months to get there. There would not be any hurry or tight schedule if I wouldn't wanna come back to Finland and start my job in August.
Now it's almost 2 weeks in to June and I'm still here. I'm not super happy about it. I knew that I had a lot of stuff to fix, add and invent before my boat would be ready for the journey. I calculated that I could do all that and get ready in the end of May but ONLY if everything would work. I didn't prepare for all the problems that have arisen.
To make this short: I will not have the time to get to the Canary Islands this summer. I might have the time to sail half way - France, Spain maybe. But ONLY if I solve all the problems and gain my trust back for my boat.
This used to hold one of my 150amp mane fuse...
So what's wrong with my boat? Mainly electronics linked to my self-made outboard motor. I hadn't tested my motor extensively before last week and I had done some major "improvements" into it in lately. First I almost burned my boat cos a loose connections on my main fuses. Next test revealed an overheat problem in my new contactors and again there was a smokey smell inside the boat. I made again some big changes but yesterday's test did not end well. Heat seems to be a lot bigger issue that I never believed. Now when I got all contacts fixed/replaced and there was no heat problems in the cables etc. I realized that there's a big power loss in the extreme heat that the motor and motor controller produces. Once I did some detective work on motors and controllers I immediately ordered some fans to help on the heat. My controller has an automatic overheat shutdown feature build in but my motor will run until it burns.
I measured 145 degrees Celsius(290F) in the motor after I got back from an hour long test drive... :/
Now I don't trust my motor until I can do more tests and it's gonna take some time. I hope I get everything back in shape in the end on June. Then I could start my trip to south. I hope so...

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