My Mission & Plan


Let's face it: The weather is changing. We are not making this planet any favors. But I think we are doing it due to ignorance. It's hard to appreciate something that you don't perceive. We are too close to get the big picture.
I believe that earth is the most beautiful thing that we have here ;) There are many wonders around us if we open our eyes to them. Future is not set. We have to start missing things before - not once - they are gone.

My Mission

I want to show how magnificent and awesome place this planet is! I want people to see what we need to fight for. I want to share my experience to the world. I wanna learn how to embrace and enjoy the nature as it is and hope somebody else gets that too. I wanna give the earth a big hug! And the only way to do that is to go all the way around ;)

The Plan

To sail around the world and make a documentary film about it. The idea is to be as self sufficient and green as possible. So the sailboat is going to use renewable energy from the sun and the wind. I'd love to do it with not a drop of fossil fuels - but I'm not sure if it's efficient enough...
Part of the "being green" is also the fact that I had never sailed a boat before I bought mine in summer 2014.


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